Thanks to long-accumulated knowledge and originality, SEIKO, as leading manufacturer of sewing machine for thick materials, keeps aiming to develop highly-accomplished sewing machines. Every relative world information of this industry will lead to our development of high-performing machines in response to various need of individual region/environment over the world.
= What's New =
May, 7 ,2016

A review of Seiko products by JIAM 2016 OSAKA placed in JSN International uploaded. Download is available here.
April, 21 ,2016
A 2016 edition General Catalog for Heavy Duty (details version) uploaded. Download is available here.
= Event =
April, 13, 2016

We participated in JIAM 2016 Osaka.
Please refer to this link for more detail.
= ProductInfo =
January, 14 ,2016

Parts List renewed.

Special Machine
Flat Bed
Post Bed
Extra Heavy Duty
Cylinder Bed
Automated Sewing Machine
Long Arm
Double Chain Stitch