Thanks to long-accumulated knowledge and originality, SEIKO, as leading manufacturer of sewing machine for thick materials, keeps aiming to develop highly-accomplished sewing machines. Every relative world information of this industry will lead to our development of high-performing machines in response to various need of individual region/environment over the world.
= What's New =
September 25 ,2014

At FISMA 2014 held in Tokyo, we demonstrated 5 models in our booth. Our article is listed on JSN magazine September issue 2014. Please refer to this link for more details.

September 22 ,2014
Industrial Sewing Machine catalog for 2014 have been completed. The catalog in PDF format is available on our website.

Special Machine
Flat Bed
Post Bed
Extra Heavy Duty
Cylinder Bed
Automated Sewing Machine
Long Arm
Double Chain Stitch